Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Beginnings.

Have you ever done something so out of your comfort zone, it makes you want to run for the hills and hide?
This is it for me.
I am scared to death but lately I've been pushing myself to succeed.
I have found that God-given confidence that is pushing me to try.

Everything I do has pushed me into blogging.
I feel the Lord tugging at my heart to reach out and try.
So here's to new beginnings and a body full of nerves.


I'm Corinne. I'm a Jesus follower.
A wife to my wonderful husband Brent.

(Shot with an iPhone, Sorry not as good of quality as my camera.)

Two precious boys call me Mama.
Liam & Sawyer, my blondie.

When you follow Confidence & Grace you can expect to see a whole lot of fashion, a little bit of makeup, & some lifestyle. I have always been interested in fashion & makeup since as long as I can remember.  I have never had a specific style. I love a good pair of heels but I also have a deep love for a good baseball tee & jeans.
If any of you know me, you know that I love a good deal. I hardly ever buy something that is not on sale. Its just who I am, its in my DNA. 
I will be sharing those good deals that I come across and how to find them for yourself. 
So you will see it all from those awesome Target finds to higher end pieces (for a good deal of course). (: 
So stick around and join me on this blogging journey, I would love to have you. 

I hope you have a blessed week. 


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