Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For the love of cardigans.

I wish I was kidding when I said that this was the first time I've sat down today.
I love a busy day with purpose. It gives me a reason to be productive.
Still trying to balance everything and its becoming more and more difficult as Liam gets older. Between his schooling and those extra things I signed up for, I'm pretty booked or at least I feel like I am. I probably just need to know how to manage my time better.
Does anyone else struggle with this?
What do you do to manage your time better?

To improve my time management skills, I decided to buy a little planner. So I could actually write things down instead of just putting them in my phone. I went to go sit down and write everything in and realized I had bought a 2017-2018 planner.

Well I tried....

Cardigan // Jeans can't find online same brand here & here // v-neck tank 

When I think of fall fashion, I think of cardigans, layering, and boots.
I feel like a neutral colored cardigan is a big staple piece this fall.
I am obsessing over this cardigan I bought.
I especially love that it is thick enough that I can wear it without having to wear a bulky coat. I wore this out Friday night in Indy, and was actually sweating.. if that gives you a clear view of how thick this cardigan is.

Can you believe I bought it at Forever 21?
For under $35 I got everything I was looking for in a cardigan.
Not to mention it's perfect length.

Well guys, I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. We are inching closer to the weekend.


What is everyone's plans for Halloween this year?
I'm just praying it will be nice weather to take the boys out.
We've had every type of season you can imagine on halloween day.
Last year we had our first snowfall.

We've seen it all here in the Midwest.


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