Monday, November 7, 2016

Fair Oaks Farms.

Today I wanted to share a little glimpse into my weekend.
My in laws were in town visiting this past weekend.  Every time they come we have to make sure we hit up all their favorite restaurants that they don't have back in Texas. Some of their favorites include Portillos & Tomato  Bar.
If you haven't been to either of those .. Go.
If you come and visit the NWI/Chicago land area.. Go.
I think I gained 5 lb. but it is so worth it. We always have a good time when they are in town.
This visit we ended up making a half hour trip south to Fair Oaks Farms.
A giant farm that offers two adventures, either pig or dairy. We chose the pig adventure. They showed us pig life on the farm. It was so fun for the kids and for us adults too. We ended up eating dinner at the restaurant on Fair Oaks farm called The Farmhouse.
Amazing food.
I'm glad we went to the pig adventure and I ordered a burger. If we had gone to see the Cows, I don't think I would've enjoyed that burger the same.  HAHA
Almost all the meats came directly from their farm.
So fresh & so good.
We enjoyed every bit of that day. It helped that it was 67 degrees and sunny.
Have I said how much I love fall this year?

Funny story about this photo right here ^^They had a little dress up room for the kids to put on doctors coats and take the stethoscope to listen to the pigs heart. It's a fake pig of course but Liam was the first one and he put the stethoscope on and was trying to listen, about 30 seconds later he takes them off and says "Hey, this thing ain't real, its not even beeping!" HAHA  Can't get anything past him. 

It's getting harder and harder for Liam especially being older now to say goodbye to his grandparents when they have to go back to Texas. It breaks my heart. I'm thankful both my boys have such a good relationship with them. Thank goodness for technology. Seriously, face time is a saving grace. Do any of you have to deal with living far away from loved ones?How do you deal with that? I would love hear from you! 
xo Corinne  

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