Friday, December 9, 2016

Stocking ideas for Her.

Happy Friday! 

I'm sorry I've been a little MIA lately. I've had this cold & seriously can't seem to kick it. It always comes on at night too.. Isn't that weird? I usually work on my blog when the kiddos go to bed but between doing hair on the side & being sick, I just haven't had the energy. 

I feel like I'm trying to rush to get christmas shopping done this year more than normal. Then I got to thinking, it's only the 9th of December & it wouldn't be a Guynes christmas without a little last minute shopping. 
Also I feel like Christmas started so early this year. The stores & media have hyped it up so much that I feel like Christmas is coming tomorrow or something. 
Seems a bit rushed. I like to slow things down for the holidays & enjoy it.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite tradition.

I didn't actually grow up doing stockings. Not because I was a deprived little girl but my Mom had a good reason for not doing them. 
One year when we were little & she was trying to fill our stockings, she snuck a banana in my older brothers stocking thinking it would be fine. Well it turned fairly black overnight. Needless to say he thought Santa hated him. haha 
So since my brother was scared for his life, she decided it would be best to stop stockings for awhile. haha 
I thought I would pick up these traditions with my own two boys & so far so good.
We've never had a incident yet. 
I just love the idea of getting all the little things you never think to buy yourself.
You don't have to spend a ton, so I kept all of these items $15 & under.

1. Lush Bath Bomb || 2. Cozy Socks || 3. Wet Brush || 4. Warm & Cozy Mug || 5. Verb Dry Shampoo || 6. SkinFood Face Mask || 7. Hand Cream || 8. Christmas Pjs

Did you notice a trend here?

Everything is comfy, cozy, or a product for dry skin during these winter months.
I either own some of these and love them or they are on my wish list.
I hope you enjoy & I plan on sharing a few more Stocking Stuffer ideas, I also have a hard time getting those $20 grab bag gift ideas so I was thinking of rounding up some of my go to gift ideas for that. Do you guys struggle with those gift ideas too or is it just me?

What are some of your Christmas traditions?
I would love to hear them, I'm a sucker for family traditions! (:


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