Monday, January 2, 2017

Vintage Find

So I'm sitting here watching a few snowflakes fall outside my window. Looking at these pictures Courtney Beth Photography took back in October. I'm so itching for warmer weather. I'm usually all about the snow & cooler weather up until Christmas then I'm like... okay you can be done now.

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years, it was so nice being around family & friends this past week.  Liam & Sawyer are both sick now & just can't seem to kick this cold that has come about. It's like immediately after Christmas bring on the sickness. It came full force, I ended up taking Liam to the doctor so they could give him a something because the poor kid was miserable & I felt helpless.  I'm glad I did otherwise we would be getting a lot less sleep around here.
So thankful for two boys that sleep through the night. I don't know how you mommas do it with kiddos that are tough sleepers. 
I give you mad props.

So how cute is this top that I found?
I occasionally go to the thrift store to find some hidden gems & this was one of my finds.
Believe it or not, this top is the definition of vintage. It came with no tags, almost a tea towel material with baby blue hand stitching on the inside.
I just found it so unique. 

I just pictured this young fashionista back in the day who had big dreams of becoming a clothing designer and came up with this on her own. Everything on this top is hand stitched & perfect.
Am i the only one who loves finding a story behind vintage clothing? 
I probably am but hey I'm going to share it anyways. (:

Top (thrifted) || Jeans can't find online, similar here || Bag 
Just another reason why I think everyone should shop at a thrift store. Wether you are going there to save some money or you like shopping there. There is always something to be found.  You don't always have to spend a ton of money to look cute. That's just my personal opinion. (:
I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to go out and find some vintage pieces of your own. 
Switch things up a bit, just like I tied the side of this top. 
Things like this don't have to fit perfectly but make it work for you. 



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