Monday, May 1, 2017

Roozengaarde Tulip Farm | Mt. Vernon, WA

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone is having a great day!
We finally have a day at home without running a million errands. Sawyer is napping the first time this week & I must say I am accomplishing a lot. Our typical day during the week is dropping Liam off at school, then Sawyer & I head over to the YMCA. We spend a good chunk of time there & we have been loving that. He get's to do his preschool classes & I get to do my spin & Barre class. On the other days I don't do a class I run & life weights. It's a win-win situation plus swimming every Thursday has been on the agenda. The boys love it.
Anyways on to the reason why I am writing this blogpost...
 Any free weekend we have we love to go explore.  I can't sit still.  Two weekends ago was one of my favorites so far. We headed up to Port Townsend to take a ferry over to Whidbey Island. Stopped by deception pass. I mean..... How beautiful is this?

 Little tip if you plan on taking the ferry. Make sure you make a reservation, we didn't & had to wait a extra hour till the next one. Not a huge deal but when you have two little boys that don't want to sit still makes it a little more challenging. We then drove up to Roozengaarde Tulip farm & oh. my. goodness. it was absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was in the Netherlands or something. Going back to my dutch roots. The photos don't even do it justice to how pretty it was in person. It is definitely a must see.

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Sorry photo overload over here. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I love sharing our adventures on here. I'm thinking I will be posting more travel posts as of right now because that is just where my life is taking me lately. Not gonna lie, I kinda love it.

Hope Monday wasn't too rough on you.


Corinne Guynes 


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  2. Love your ruffle shirt and that tulip farm is beautiful! Looks like you are enjoying your new home!

    xo Jenna