Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cannon Beach Trip || Astoria

Probably one of my favorite trips in the PNW with the hubby thus far.
We were kidless for a week & decided to take a little day trip down to Cannon Beach & Astoria.
Absolutely beautiful.
We didn't really have a plan, just hopped in the car & drove.
Sometimes doing that makes for the best trips.

Fort George Brewery in Astoria was first up on our trip.
Amazing food & even better beer. Plus they allowed our little tag along to sit with us on the patio.
We met a couple that sat next to us btw its amazing the adult conversation that can be had when you are kidless. haha
They recommended we go to the near drive on beach called Sunset Beach.
Now I am recommending it to you.
It's a must see.
Absolutely breathtaking.

Up next... Cannon Beach. You might recognize this from the iconic movie The Goonies. 

These kind of trips come few & far between these days but so blessed to be able to spend time together. Thanks to some amazing grandparents.

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