Friday, December 8, 2017

Trip to Victoria, B.C. || Part 1

Ever since we made the move out to Washington I had a list in mind of what I wanted to do. Kinda like a bucket list. There's things that I probably wouldn't have ever done if we hadn't moved here. Visiting Victoria, B.C. was one of them. So when my mom came into town we decided to take a 90 minute ferry ride over to Canada. Perks of living in the PNW right now.

So in a nutshell, Victoria is absolutely beautiful, has some of the friendliest people, amazing food, & even better coffee. One of the nicest things was the fact that no matter where you stay, you can walk anywhere. Which is so perfect considering the amount of food we ate... Didn't make you feel as guilty. That's at least the way I like to think of it. (;

We stayed at Laurel Pointe Inn. Once you get off the ferry, you take a right, walk less than five minutes and you arrive at our hotel. It was the perfect location with an incredible view of the harbor.

Here are just some snap shots from our stay. If I put all the photos in one it would be an incredibly long post so I decided to break it up into two posts. This first post is just going to be photos of us walking around town. The second post will be places we loved, so stay tuned! (:

Titanic vibes coming into port. ---

Parliament at night is a must see. We were on our way back to our hotel at this point & it was beyond beautiful to see it all lit up. 

View from our hotel room.

It's not everyday you run into a seal.. well maybe it is for us now living in PNW but definitely no seals in Indiana. 

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