Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How To Find True Joy

In a society that says “find YOUR happiness, follow YOUR dreams, find YOUR happy place, do what makes YOU happy, Put YOURSELF first.” You would think that there would be more happy people in this world, but that’s just it... putting yourself first will never make you happy. Buying that one thing that you think will make you happy, it will never measure up in the long run. I look at these phrases completely different now. I started to become more aware of the times I use, ME, MYSELF, & I. I fight against it. We find joy not by putting ourselves first but by putting ourselves second. How does putting yourself second bring joy? It frees you from the pressure of having to always be first. The pressure of people taking their own lives because they feel like they can’t measure up, especially in this social media driven world. Having joy won’t depend on your circumstances. We can be in the worst situations and still have joy. When you have joy, you will start seeing Gods simple graces. You start seeing things through his eyes and not how the world sees them. Finding joy in being second is more about a attitude than a action. You can’t give joyfully if you have a bad attitude so get your attitude right first and then the rest will follow. Be humble, have a mind like Christ. Our authentic JOY will bring JOY to others. 

| My notes from church on Sunday. It really stuck with me, so I thought I would share. Happy Wednesday.|

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