Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hello from South Florida!

Hi again.

Yes its me.

Not even going to sugarcoat it, but I'm here. I did not realize when I started this how to stay consistent, how to manage my time between my husband and kids . I was in a different mindset where I put this blog on the back burner... once again. I do not know why I keep doing that.
I have always been someone who has consistent self doubt. I am my worst critic and I let those voices control me way too often.
Recently, I was texting with my Aunt and she was encouraging me to start blogging again. Little did she know that I have been wrestling with this idea for awhile now and it felt like it was straight from God when she was texting me. It is always funny to me how that works. The further I run away from his calling.. the closer he gets pulling me back in. Thank you God for being constant even when I am not.

When I came back to sign into my blog.. I saw the numbers and couldn't believe it. People were actually reading my blog...say what?
I did not think anyone even cared to read it, but for the tens of thousands of views I have had.. I was proven wrong.
I enjoy writing. I mean I really enjoy it. When I get writing about something it just flows.
I enjoy connecting with others on this sweet little blog that I have created. It is not perfect and neither am I but I want to give it another try.

A little life update..
I guess I can start by saying we live in South Florida now. It is rather different than the Pacific Northwest. It is beautiful. The beaches and warm weather are two things that make my heart smile. We enjoyed it for the first month or two and than COVID-19 hit. I'm happy to be in the sunshine state during this pandemic but these are some crazy times we are living in.
We have been soaking up as much vitamin D as we can get. Moving from Washington State all the way across the country to South Florida was a huge adjustment. I mean we went from mountain views to sandy beaches. I don't think you can get much different than that.

There were a lot of things that my family had to go through in order to get here. It has been a long journey that I am so glad it is behind us. We welcomed a sweet baby girl named, Isla. We moved to Texas for 4 months and said goodbye to my husband during that time. He was accepted into Officer Candidate School for the United States Coast Guard. We celebrated his graduation in November and ended up getting orders to South Florida and moved here on Christmas Eve. Whew... Did you follow that?  Military life is never easy. It is an exciting life, but a life that is filled with uncertainty, patience, and letting go of control.

I can't wait to share sweet photos of our baby girl and I was thinking of sharing her birth story. I have never done that with my other two babies, but I thought it would be fun and what our life looks like now.

Stay tuned. 

xo. (tribute to Gossip Girl, easily the most influential television show of my teens)


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